At Andonias Jewelry I sell WEARABLE JEWELRY.
I make my own designs and compliment them with hand picked beautiful pieces of jewelry. These come in necklaces, bracelets, cuffs and earrings for people to buy! In my jewelry I mix Glass Beads, Gold and Silver Foil Glass Beads, Potted Beads, Irregular Beads, Fired Beads and Silver Beads. I like to use interesting accent beads and good quality findings to create well-finished pieces of jewelry.

Gemstones in all their multifarious forms, faceted, carved or irregular shaped beads, are used to for those 'one of a kind' classic pieces of jewelry - the special pieces you will want to pass onto to your daughters and their daughters.

I love to sell gorgeous Turquoise in rare shapes and vibrant shades of greens and blues that are so unusual to see in Turquoise.

I pick a stunning selection in Corals - in translucent reds, earth tones, orange and apricots and in sponge corals for people to choose from.

The Jades come in various tones of green and different shades of yellow.

I like to also work with faceted and irregular shaped Pearls, Carnelians, Ambers, Onyx, Garnets and Amethysts to create high quality pieces with lovely clasps that can be given as jewelry gifts and worn for every type of occasion.

I love to create beautiful wedding jewelry working with faceted pearls and using so many different colours and shapes.

I sell delicate and interesting jewelry boxes - carved wood, silver and copper metals and lacquered boxes.

I also sell unusual strands of beads, loose beads, unusual findings, clasps and accent beads.

I would love to see people learn to appreciate beautiful beads and find pleasure in making jewelry. Soon I will introduce kits (with clear instructions and the basic equipment needed to experiment with different designs) to help people make their own pieces and to develop their own sense of taste in jewelry making.

These can be used as gifts to bring countless hours of fun and pleasure to the people who mean something to you.




Glass & Resin Beaded Jewelry - Necklaces & Bracelets



GR.4 (description)


GR.10 (description)


GR.13 (see list below)




GR.18 (description)




All Prices are in Australian Currency. 10% GST will be added

  1. Lovely jade oval resin beads threaded with jade string (Fun Necklace) $18
  2. Stunning vibrant yellow and silver beaded necklace. (also in blue) $25
  3. Purple threads, multistrands, garnet coloured threads and silver beads with fired foil central bead. (Necklace) $25
  4. Bracelet with Fired aqua glass floweret swirled beads and silver beads.  $18
  5. Bracelet with fired water green glass floweret swirled beads and silver beads. $18
  6. Bracelet with fired spring green glass floweret swirled beads and silver beads.
  7. Necklace with stunning white fired silver foil beads with a hint of coffee. $25
  8. Stunning mid blue cotton threads and oval beads (Fun necklace) $18
  9. Tribal multi layered necklace in orange glass beads. $25
  10. Stunning frosted white foil squares and heart-beaded necklace. $25
  11. Tribal multi layered necklace in turquoise glass beads. $25
  12. Mid green gorgeous frosted foil glass beads. $25
  13. Aqua frosted silver foil beads in bracelet. $18
  14. Amber and pink frosted foil and silver beaded necklace $25
  15. Multicoloured seed beads and gorgeous coloured large beaded necklace. $18
  16. …necklace $25
  17. …necklace $25
  18. Garnet coloured frosted large silver oval beaded bracelet. $18
  19. Stunning aqua frosted beaded bracelet $18
  20. White frosted silver foil bracelet $18
  21. Aqua floweret swirl beaded bracelet $18
  22.  (&17)  necklace $25
  23. Garnet floweret swirled beaded necklace $25








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