This car was originally purchased in 1992 from a little old lady - it had a vinyl roof and stock 3K with 12" mags. The keyring had a tag "Little Red Rocket" because they thought it was pretty nippy around town so the name kinda stuck. If only she could see it now! :)

The new engine being fitted ...

Specs : 3T-GTEU (3T alphabet), EFI, 3" exhaust with two high flow mufflers, 4 button kevlar clutch with custom heavy duty pressure plate, 120Y late model diff, Mitsubishi Magna vented front discs, Nissan Bluebird TRX rear discs, Cobra seats, 14" mags. Used for club events such as motorkhanas and lap dashes. Stock computer has been replaced by a programmable Delco D4 unit. I am a member of the Gold Coast Tweed Motorsporting Car Club Inc Best 1/4 mile : TBA :) - previous 15.1 with 2TG NA

HP figures thanks to .

Other Corollas...

The glorious TE-27 Levin TTE cars of the mid to late 70s... The glorious TE-27 Levin TTE cars of the mid to late 70s...
Ross Farnham's Levin (Racetech) Mike's Levin from San Diego, Ca.
Andrij's genuine TE-27 Levin in Australia! Michele Downes' 2 door KE30 Corolla (4AG)
Jason Walk's KE25 Corolla (Levin copy) (2TG) (How else would you park a rally car ;) Richard Wakeling's KE25 Corolla (3TGTEU, running Delco ECU)
Rob Watson's KE20 Corolla aka "Lady Creole" (3TGTEU, running Delco ECU) Scott Hunter's KE20 at Mt Cotton hill-climb (18RG)
Toysport project Levin Levin in NZ (thanks Billzila :)
Justin Middleton playing in the Coffs ARC 1998. Christopher Tanner's "BOGBEAST" hangin' it out.
Stewart Ford's KE15 and his brothers KE10. Peter Green's 4K powered KE30.
Steven Vanommeslaeghe's KE15, 155.000 miles, engine untouched Steven Vanommeslaeghe's second project KE15 (only 35.000 miles)
Frank's turbocharged 2TG powered TE27 Dan's TE27 Corolla with 3TC, dual sidedraft Mikunis
Len Cawthorne's Corolla

Here are a few of the other modified Toyota's from our area. These photos were taken at a gathering on May 30, 1997 at the Qld Hill-climb championships.

David Bryant's RA-28 Celica (3TGTEU) Nathan Challen's AE86 Trueno (4AG)
Bill (aka Billzila) Sherwood's AE86 (Sprinter) (4AG)

Pre 80's Corollas on Len Cawthorne's pages

More early 70's Corollas on Thomas Carter's pages

Late 60's Corollas on Stewart Ford's pages

Later AE102 Corolla site

More 3TGTEU weapons and links of interest...

Tech bits

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