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My website titled Lawn Bowls Coaching (Rob Judson) is no longer hosted at Key pages of its content are now available here. I wrote it about 10 years ago while part of the coaching committee of the Royal Queensland Bowls Association. None of it is copyright, and readers may freely use it as they see fit. My site attracted nearly 24,000 unique visits yearly. Now in my eighties, I no longer bowl or coach, and may no longer be qualified to update the material. However, I doubt that much of it needs updating. Playing and coaching principles seem largely unchanged.

Web Pages

Lawn Bowls Coaching is a 133-page manual . It is a downloadable file in PDF format which may be printed for convenient reading. Most of the offerings below are largely enlargements of concepts in the manual.

Psychology in Lawn Bowling is an 11-page document, also in PDF file format. It largely comprises notes for presentation of a bowler psychology awareness session of 1-2 hours duration. It largely expands on the concepts in pages 93-106 of the manual..

Bowler Check List is a printable bowling technique marking sheet on which a coach can record either improvements of a novice bowler over time, or of individual techniques of bowlers in a group. It echoes the check sheet at page 111 of the manual, and the summary of desirable technique at page 44 of the manual.

Basic Bowling Technique is a summary of the features of sound technique, similar to those listed listed on page 44 of the manual.

Dumped Bowl Delivery deals with impact damage to lawn greens when bowls are delivery from too high a release point. Page 29 of the manual mentions it. Some clubs experience this problem, and the page indicates how a club coach can assist corrective action.

Preparation for Pennant Play is briefly mentioned on pages 9 and 19 of the manual. This page enlarges on ways that coaches can conduct programs for improving the performance of sides in inter-club competitions.

Chute means bowls testing chute and is illustrated and briefly described on page 75 of the manual. This page is really in the form of a lesson plan for showing bowlers how a chute can serve as an aid for instruction of bowlers in how bowls in motion perform.

Using the Mat is the concept of adopting an unusual, but legal position on the mat to avoid one or more 'blocking' bowls. The circumstances are described on pages 51-53 of the manual. This page suggests that abnormal techniques are often unnecessary.

Frequently-Asked Questions are those that were commonly posed during my years as a coach, and cover a broad range of issues.

Afterthoughts are some personal views when my period as a coach ended. I do not suggest that they are valid now, some 10 years on.

BMI/BMR Calculator is an interactive means of calculating Body Mass Index described on page 107, and tabulated on page 132 of the manual. It also calculates Basic Metabolic Rate, or daily energy consumption, once lifestyle factors are added. The calculator does all the mathematics.

Testing of Draw Shot Accuracy.

Success in lawn bowling largely depends on draw-shot accuracy. Such accuracy typically translates into competitive success over time. However, it is useful to have a means of testing and measuring the accuracy and consistency of bowlers' draw shot deliveries in a shorter term. The approach is described in pages 61-71, 120, and 122-123 of the manual. A test involves measurement of the results of delivery of 40 draw shots. The pages that follow include calculators, which enable users to avoid involved mathematical tasks. Tests were developed over time in two stages:

Duties of Scorers (A).

Measuring and Scoring Procedure (A)

Test Result Calculator (Interactive) (A)

Revised Testing Procedure (A and B)

Target Test Calculator (Interactive) (B)