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My website titled Lawn Bowls Coaching (Rob Judson) is no longer hosted at Key pages of its content are now available here. I wrote it about 10 years ago while part of the coaching committee of the Royal Queensland Bowls Association. None of it is copyright, and readers may freely use it as they see fit. My site attracted nearly 24,000 unique visits yearly. Now in my eighties, I no longer bowl or coach, and may no longer be qualified to update the material. However, I doubt that much of it needs updating. Playing and coaching principles seem largely unchanged.

Web Pages

Lawn Bowls Coaching is a 133-page manual . It is a downloadable file in PDF format which may be printed for convenient reading. Most of the offerings below are largely enlargements of concepts in the manual.

FAQs about Participation comments on beginning and developing bowling skill, and how of club coaches can help.

Basic Bowling offers pointers that enlarge on the manual's coverage of bowl delivery technique.

"Dumped" Bowl Delivery is a technique fault whereby the bowl is dropped onto the green, possibly with damaging consequences.

Technique Check List is a printable bowling technique marking sheet on which a coach can record either improvements of a novice bowler over time or the observed performance of members of a bowler squad.

Uses of a Chute offers ways in which a bowl testing chute can be used in a coaching session to demonstrate aspects of delivery technique and tactics.

Using the Mat uses simple animations to illustrate the scope for marginal changes in the delivery point to change the pathway into a head by a delivered bowl.

Team Preparation suggests ways in which club coaches could help raise the competitive ability of representative teams.

Psychology in Lawn Bowling is an 11-page document, also in PDF file format. It largely comprises notes for presentation of a bowler psychology awareness session of 1-2 hours duration. It largely expands on the concepts in pages 93-106 of the manual..

Body Mass Index & Daily Energy Demands is an interactive worksheet for calculating BMI and energy requirements.

Thoughts on Retirement are some reflections on the coaching role as the elderly author retired.

Most bowlers agree that the primacy of successful bowling is the ability of delivering bowls to scoring positions: i.e. accurate "draw" shot bowling. To this end, the author developed a "40-bowl Test". (The Lawn Bowls Coaching manual expands on the concepts to which the following web pages refer).

Outline for 40-bowl Testing indicates the procedure for a bowler being tested and for an assistant marking results of each bowl delivery.

Scoring FAQs for 40-bowl Testing offers more-comprehensive guidance for assistants in scoring results of each delivery.

40-bowl Test Result Calculator is an interactive worksheet for entry of 40-bowl test scores and automatic calculation of results.

The original form of the foregoing test focussed purely on distances between bowl finishing points and the jack. It produced no data on whether there was a tendency to finish short or long, or wide or narrow. A simple protractor (page 69 of the Lawn Bowls Coaching manual) was devised for measuring finishing point angles, and the test was modified to include this data.

Outline for Bowling Accuracy Testing describes the development of the foregoing 40-bowl test into a more-comprehensive form of test.

Bowling Accuracy Test Result Calculator is an interactive worksheet for entry of bowling accuracy test scores and automatic calculation of results.

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